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Based on one of the classic variations of the famous game of chance, this game boasts the same nail-biting action, well-loved gameplay, special bets, and low house edge that you would expect from playing it in a land-based casino.

The only differences are that you can play European Roulette Gold 24/7, where and whenever you can use a smartphone or tablet with an active internet connection, and that the table, chips, wheel, and ball are in glorious HD graphics.

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How Roulette Began

European Roulette Gold is one of the cutting-edge mobile casino games that you can play at Spin Palace. However, the game itself predates digital technology by a few centuries.

The game we know as Roulette goes all the way back to the 17th century. Blaise Pascal, a French scientist, tried to create a perpetual motion machine. Whatever he did, he ended up inventing an early version of a game that would be described in a novel by Jacques Lablee titled La Roulette, ou le Jour, almost a century later.

At some point in the 19th century, when the game was all the rage in the German casino town of Bad Homberg, a single zero was added to the wheel. This seemingly small change gave rise to the European and French versions of the game.



European Roulette Gold Bet Types

Use the many different types of bets available to make playing European Roulette Gold at Spin Palace on your mobile device as easy-going or as rabidly exciting as you want it to be.

The various bets are classed as Outside bets and Inside bets because of where they appear in the betting grid on the table. If you’re a beginner, Outside bets are usually the best place to start.

Some of the Outside bets you could place include even money bets, such as betting on number groups from one to 18 and from 19 to 36, betting on even or odd numbers, and betting on red or black. You could also bet on one of three columns of numbers by placing a column bet, or on a group of 12 numbers by placing a dozen bet.

Get your pulse racing and play for bigger payouts on your mobile device by placing Inside bets when you play European Roulette Gold on your mobile device. Popular among experienced high rollers, Inside bets include those such as betting on one number by placing a straight up bet, betting on three numbers in a row by placing a street bet, betting on two numbers next to each other by placing a split bet.

This exciting game is available at your favourite mobile casino also gives you the option of placing black splits, red splits, neighbour bets, and call bets.

How to Play Mobile European Roulette Gold

Enjoy thrilling European Roulette Gold action with ease on your smartphone or tablet, another gem in the Microgaming gold series of games! The basic goal of the game is to guess correctly where the ball will land in the wheel, which has red, black, and green pockets with numbers.

The various wheel pockets correspond to the different areas on the betting grid, found on the table. Once you’ve launched the game at Spin Palace and have decided on how much you want to bet, select the chips of the required denomination in your virtual tray, and move them to the relevant area on the grid.

Select the Play button to make the European Roulette Gold wheel spin, and once it has come to a stop, the winning result will be announced. If your bet was lucky, you will receive a payout.

If you’re happy enough with your last bet and want to place it again, there’s no need to move chips or anything like that. Simply select the Rebet button, and the last bet you placed will be placed again. You can also try Expert and Autoplay mode for customised gaming.

Play European Roulette at Spin Palace

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