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European Blackjack Gold on the Go

Play and win like a French aristocrat living when you enjoy European Blackjack Gold with us right here at Spin Palace! This is one of the most popular mobile casino games we’ve ever had the privilege of presenting to our players, and as soon as you have tried it you’ll see why.

Blackjack itself comes from a game called Ving-et-Un, which means Twenty-One in French and which was first played in the aristocratic homes of that country in the 18th century. Today it is just as refined and elegant as it always was, but it is luckily much more widespread and widely played. It is seen in offline and online casinos worldwide, including at Spin Palace.

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A Prestigious Game Option

Over time, many different versions of the game developed, including European Blackjack. Microgaming, the developer that supports all of our online and mobile casino games, revamped a series of classic entertainments in their Gold Series, and European Blackjack Gold was born. 

All of Microgaming’s mobile casino games are highly respected, but the Gold Series is especially renowned. Now you get to experience all the modern improvements when you play the game at Spin Palace!



Take the Best with You Everywhere

Playing mobile casino games means you get to take your entertainment with you wherever you go. Whether you are standing in a supermarket checkout line, commuting into work, watching the kids play soccer or exploring a new part of the globe, you can play European Blackjack Gold whenever the mood strikes you.

Being able to manage your time, responsibilities and leisure activities so well puts you in charge of your own life, and at Spin Palace we’re all about empowering you with choice. 

The Gold version of European Blackjack also has a unique Expert Mode, which allows players to customise their experiences even more. In this mode, you can activate the AutoPlay feature to play automatically as you carry on with other things. This is a huge bonus for busy players, but of course you will still want to have control over your game. 

That’s where the Strategy Card options come in. You can customise your Strategy Table when the AutoPlay function is selected, so that your cards are played in the way you want them to be even in your absence. No other variations of Blackjack at Spin Palace or anywhere else offer this luxuriously convenient feature.

Playing European Blackjack Gold

As with all Blackjack games, the objective is to get a hand total of 21 or as close to this as possible without exceeding it, which is known as Busting. You’ll also need to beat the dealer’s hand at the same time.

You’ll begin by selecting your wager for the round, and can then click the Deal button. A pair of standard 52-card decks is used in this version of the game, and you and the Dealer are both given 2 cards from here. You’ll be able to see both of yours, of course, and 1 of the Dealer’s cards will be face-up as well. Based on what you can see, you need to decide what to do next. The options are listed below:

  • Double: Double your wager and get another card
  • Hit: Be dealt another card
  • Split: If you have been dealt a Pair you can double your bet and split your hand in 2. You will automatically be dealt the extra cards you need to play each hand separately
  • Stand: Set your hand as it is and end your turn

You can do any of these actions however you want to, but the Dealer must Hit until a hand total of 17 is reached. The face cards all carry a value of 10, the ace cards a value of 11 or 1 and the number cards are worth their face value. A hand made up of an ace and a face card is called a Natural Blackjack, and is the best hand you can get in this game.

You will win in the following circumstances:

  • If you have a hand total that is closer to 21 than the Dealer’s but is not over 21
  • If your hand stays under 21 while the Dealer hand busts
  • If you get Blackjack. This is an automatic win, but if you tie Blackjack with the Dealer it is considered a draw and you will Push, with your bet being returned.

Ready to Play?

European Blackjack Gold allows you to access a strategy chart that helps you to decide what to do in every eventuality, and offers insurance against a Dealer hand getting Blackjack. This makes it a gentle version of the game to learn and develop with, and makes it a frequent choice for players of mobile casino games. For a truly enjoyable Blackjack experience, try it today.








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