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Play Classic Blackjack Gold at Spin Palace

When it comes to mobile casino games, players know they can trust Spin Palace to deliver the very best. That’s because Microgaming, a legend in the online casino software industry, powers our games.

At Spin Palace you can enjoy the very best in Blackjack when you play on the go. We offer you the chance to enjoy Microgaming’s popular Gold Series on your mobile, and you can play Classic Blackjack Gold anywhere, anytime. With fluid functionality and flawless graphics, the game is exceptional!

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Classic Blackjack Gold Basics

Blackjack in all its forms is one of the most popular online, land-based and mobile casino games in the world today, although it began as a far more exclusive entertainment in the noble houses of 18th century France.

The Classic Blackjack Gold version of the game is played using a standard 52-card deck. The player’s objective is to get a hand total that is higher than the Dealer hand, and is as close to 21 as possible without exceeding this amount. A hand of 21, or Blackjack, is the game’s highest achievement.

Start Playing Classic Blackjack Gold on the Go

Like other classic games, Classic Blackjack Gold begins with players putting wagers down. You’ll then get 2 cards, as will the Dealer. You need to decide what to do next based on what your cards, and the single face-up card of the Dealer’s, are.

This is where you’ll get to see the mix of careful strategy and pure adrenaline that players love so much. You can Double your wager and get 1 more card, Hit to get another card dealt, Split to divide your pair into 2 new hands, or can simply choose to Stand.

Strategy for Classic Blackjack Gold

As always, we highly recommend taking advantage of the superb free play option available here at Spin Palace mobile casino. You can refine your skills and learn basic strategy so you’re ready to win big when you place your bets. Microgaming also provides a strategy chart to players of Classic Blackjack Gold, which you can consult as the game unfolds.

Classic Blackjack Gold is one of the mobile casino games that offers its players insurance, which will protect you when the Dealer Hand has Blackjack. Use this to take more calculated risks as you explore one of the most rewarding mobile casino games in the world, right here at Spin Palace!


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